Welcome to Reseller Resources for Alberta Virtual Vault. In the future you can expect to see help, advice, and promotional tools for Alberta Registry Agents and other approved resellers.

For now, you can generate a reseller banner. If a Vault is purchased after a customer arrives at Alberta Virtual Vault through the banner on your web site, we can make sure that you are compensated. However, you must provide us with a list of domains that you may be using the banner on. If you have not done so already, please e-mail these to helpdesk@albertavirtualvault.ca

Please select from the following options, and see an example banner updated to reflect your changes. Feel free to experiment, and select an image that you feel is the best fit for your site.

Select a size:
Large Small
Select an orientation:
Horizontal Vertical
Select a colour scheme:
Beige/Orange Silver/Orange White/Orange
Grey/White Light Blue/Orange
Select text for the tagline:
It's in the Vault
Use Alberta Virtual Vault for proper release of your will
Use Alberta Virtual vault to securely store your will
Select an image filetype:
JPEG (offers no transparency) PNG (offers transparency)

In order to add the banner, please have the person that is responsible for your web site use the generated HTML code below. This code will ensure the latest banners are used. It also allows us to get some useful information about which banners are being used most frequently.

Generated HTML code:
<a title="Alberta Virtual Vault" href="https://www.albertavirtualvault.ca"><img title="Alberta Virtual Vault" alt="Alberta Virtual Vault" src="http://reseller.albertavirtualvault.ca/images/alberta-virtual-vault_iv_be_h_l.jpg"/></a>

Please note: The HTML code above does not include any style or formatting. It is expected that this be specific to the site, and, for example, would include the appropriate code to not show borders around images that are also links.